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  • Bucket casting parts

Bucket casting parts

Bucket casting parts We are specialized in the design and manufacture of all kinds of casting parts, such as excavator Teeth, Tips, adaptors and side cutters. Main products are all kinds of high-manganese steel, wear-resistant steel and alloy steel parts. We have more than one thousand kinds of products widely used in construction machinery field,such [...]

  • Caterpillar bucket teeth by YASSIAN

Caterpillar bucket teeth by YASSIAN

Caterpillar bucket teeth by YASSIAN Production process: 1)Casting processes: Sand, investment, steel and precision casting 2)Main Materials: Gray iron, ductile iron, steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, tool steel, structural alloy steel, heat-resisting steel, aluminum alloy and more 3)Special materials are also available 4)Materials chemical components supplied 5)Main production equipments: Wax injection, CNC-machine, machine-center, Heat treatment [...]

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  • wear-protections-multibrand-weld-on-side-cutter


MULTIBRAND WELD-ON SIDE CUTTER wear-protections-multibrand-weld-on-side-cutter TYPE REFERENCE WEIGHT 150LS 1.7 151LS 3.9 153LS 5 154LS 9.6 Cover Edge 1285926 1285927 Cover Edge 1285926 1285927, CAT Wheel Loader Cutting Edge Cover, Caterpillar Replacement Retention Shrouds Modulok Edge Protection, Modulok System Wear for Loader Buckets China Supplier Cover Edge 1285926 1285927 Feature: Part No.: 1285926 Machine: Loader [...]

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CATERPILLAR SIDE CUTTER CATERPILLAR-SIDE-CUTTER TYPE REFERENCE WEIGHT APPLICATION E120BR 7Y0203 7.8 312 - 315 E120BL 7Y0204 7.8 312 - 315 E200BR 096-4747 11.4 320 - 322 E200BL 096-4748 11.4 320 -322 112-2487 26.5 320 -322 -325 112-2488 26.5 320 -322 -325 2322147 25 325- 330 232-2148 25 325 - 330 8J9614 23.4 325 [...]

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